It has become my mission in life to help people who feel they have become disconnected from their true self to explore what they really want from life and then to reconnect and lead that life.

I help people go from the chaos of being disconnected to clarity of their path. 

Along my adventure I found barefoot walking as a way of reconnecting and value what this has taught me. It has helped me understand myself more and live the life I want. 


It is only when I accepted my whole self I could truly live the life I wanted


I started my career in teaching and was always interested in the way we learn as humans, what we learn from our culture both overtly and covertly and how we then behave.


This led me to many successful roles both in the UK and internationally. Having the 2.4 children lifestyle looks so perfect on the outside. Inside myself I was falling apart and realise now that I had become disconnected.  

When people become disconnected they can be successful in whatever role they have, whether in work or their personal life but... There is a feeling deep inside which they can't grasp. A feeling that there is something missing. An emptiness, or as many people have told me, a feeling of unfulfillment. 

The truth is I lived this life. I lived a life of feeling successful but not fulfilled. I looked confident on the outside but inside I was lacking self confidence and worth.

Going through this journey, or should I say 'growing' through this journey was to be my gift. I learnt how to get back to myself and away from what 'everyone' else wanted me to be. 

To have known it, experienced it and lived it gave me the insight to start learning to understand the problems and struggles. I moved from te

 more and how to recognise when people were at the fork in the road and how I could help. 

Coming back to yourself starts by recognising yourself as a human being before anything else. Understanding that  you have innate needs and deep desires driving you.